Apply for Funding Print Page

Applications for funding will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. All applications submitted to the Community Investment Committee should include:

  • Legal name of the organization, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address, name of contact person and history or organization information
  • Overview of the project or program including: description of the program or activity for which resources are being requested, geographical area being served, budget and timeline, and desired results and measure of success

For more information about the community investment program or to submit a request, please contact or call 403-290-6000.

Eligibility Criteria

The organization must be located in or around a community in which we operate; be a registered charity, or an established not-for-profit; must be in sound financial condition or be able to demonstrate an effective plan for accomplishing goals.; and the money requested must be for a specific program, event or project

Limitations and Exclusions

Except in special circumstances, donations will not be made in support of the following: individuals or individual pursuits; debt-reduction campaigns; organizations whose focus is the advocacy of a particular religious, political, social or moral point of view; memberships or private clubs funded through memberships, professional conventions, conferences or seminars unless industry related; and individual sports teams.